About Us

About Us

Lasprint is a smart print shop based in Lagos; a leading provider of smart and innovative solution in digital printing, direct imaging printing, offset printing, large format printing, being an expert in printing solutions and technologies, our product and services offers our clients a wide variety of printing solutions that saves time and money, and enhance  the printing abilities of their organizations.

With our comprehensive knowledge of print methodologies we offer our client innovative way of idea conceptualization, design generation and print planning arrangement which provide for professional and efficient handling of all printing jobs. If you are looking for a Professional Printing and Branding Company based in Nigeria, look no further, Lasprint is the No. 1 printing destination for all quality print lovers in Nigeria.


Do you need full-color printing to meet a tight deadline? Digital printing is a fast means of achieving full-color short-run printing. Lasprints will provide you with high quality full color printing and save you time and money. you can send us your design or we will design your project for you. Contact our customer service representatives for questions on design creations or to ask us about our digital or large format printing service

Competition drives a market, corporate visual identity differentiates your brand and this is exactly what every consumer is paying for. Corporate visual identity is the backbone of every successful venture. It builds a consistent visual philosophy around your brand in a competitive market. It begins with a logo, business cards, digital signs and displays, banners and stands, corporate stationary, stamps and seals, branded gifts and souvenirs, web banners, event/exhibition stands, branded vehicles and lots more. These and more, when put together, form a powerful brand image that sets up your business for a massive reputation within your market.

Great design makes your marketing materials easier and more enjoyable to read. Great design can be used to explain complicated information. Great design can turn leads into customers. We can create nearly any kind of print design, including fliers, brochures, infographics, business cards, catalogues, reports, trade show booth designs and more.

Lasprint Lasprint is an emerging player in web design industry offering professional web designs services specially targeted at start -ups, and we deploy our expertise to  create just the right website for each client. We can help you have the website that will not only look great, but meet the needs of both you and your target audience.  Your goals are important to us, and we work with you to create the perfect design for every need.



We consider ourselves to be not just a Printer but a partner to our clients. We bring an articulate proficient and unique mindset to our Printing activities, acknowledging that the key to our success is held not just in embracing opportunities but in engaging our customers to actively create opportunities.


 Latest development in Print technology has dramatically improved printing processes in recent times; at Lasprint Lagos we deploy cutting edge technology built specifically to help printing process drastically reduce the cost of printing as compared to the traditional method, improve print quality and enhance turnaround time.


We have a very flexible price regime that captures your printing budget Whether you are a large business looking for bulk or small orders, or you are a start -up business  we can help. At Lasprints Lagos we are always bringing you the latest in printing at affordable prices.


 Our comprehensive personalized smart delivery is tailored towards making it possible that from design conceptualization right through delivery of the printed product you would not have to undergo through the stress coming to our office;

We have our in house design professional designers to give you professional designs.

We have same day printing and delivery services

We have Next Day delivery services.

for larger volumes of prints we offer shortrun turnarounds with 2-3 days

we offer free deliveries to your Office